Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to a membership in our Brass Ring Networking team of business professionals:

The group is designed to act as an expanded marketing department, fellow members take great pride in working together to make each one of our business visions a success.

Our Brass Ring Networking Directory is focused on giving all of our members maximized visibility in our community.

We meet bi-monthly so you have the opportunity to cultivate a business relationship and keep it in the forefront of the group’s mind when they are out talking to clients and friends.

We have two featured member speakers a month giving a 10 minute presentation, highlighting their business. This extended presentation will enable the other members to have a clear understanding of your business services and learn what a good client for you will be.

Prior to the presentation other members and guests introduce themselves and their services. We will discuss ideas and recommendations for each other. This is extremely valuable to the presenter and the other members. All members will get the opportunity to let each other know any specific business or individuals they would like to be introduced to.

NEW FOR 2019!
Your membership includes listing your services on our Business Directory.

This will be exclusive to one profession per industry.

The directory is featured in our monthly Newsletter and articles.

Two members will be featured in our monthly newsletter.

We will be meeting bi-monthly on the first and third Friday.

Ready To Join

There are many benefits to an exclusive membership in our Brass Ring Networking team of business professionals