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Brass Ring Networking is an exclusive  one per industry group of  diverse professional leaders. Together  we are building a strong  and dynamic business  community  with the focus  on business relationships and  working together  to encourage a successful outcome for everyone.

We provide our members the opportunity to connect with other business professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, medical professionals, designers, real estate and more.

We have coffee, tea and bagels to start the morning right. At the start of the meeting we introduce ourselves  to other members and  invited guests.  We give a  short  60 second description of our  business  services  and we say what a good introduction to a potential referral would be.  We meet bi-monthly.  We  have a  featured member speaker giving us a 10 minute presentation so we can better understand the services  and expertise.

Our  business directory lists all the members by name, industry and contact information which can be seen on our  website  by other members, potential members and the general public.

For easy access members can email each other on the website. ..

Our monthly newsletter will have two featured  members highlight their business.

We encourage everyone to set aside time to meet outside the group because we do business with and recommend  others we get to know like and trust.

Each potential member  is interviewed before  attending the meeting. We are diligent in making sure that the same industry is not already represented.

I look forward to a great start to the new year and together we will open the door to endless possibilities.

Please  view our calendar  of events submit your information on our website .

We will contact you within 24 hours.

Dora Kessler

310 863-7144

Membership Application