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There are many benefits to being a member of our community. We provide members the opportunity to be part of an dynamic business community and connect with outstanding business professionals. We continue building a strong entrepreneur and business community by focusing on business relationships, getting to know other members and working together to encourage a successful outcome for everyone.

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Your membership includes listing your services on our Business Directory. This will give you more visibility in the business community. The directory will be featured in our upcoming Newsletters and articles.

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Events provide the opportunity to meet new prospects and contacts to enable you to create relationships, promote and market your business. Attendees come from a diverse range of business professionals, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, investors and lenders to help you build your own business. As part of our community, members help generate new business relationships while discovering strategic professional business opportunities.

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Brass Ring Networking Group Organizer

Dora KesslerA former New Yorker, Dora Kessler has been involved with several philanthropy organizations. She was an owner of Kessler Motor Cars a Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo ¬†dealership in Manhattan. Dora believes in giving back to help others and has helped raise 100’s of thousands of dollars for charities having to do with children and animal causes. Her wide range of celebrity friends and business associates has given her exposure to many great and interesting individuals. Dora’s passion is to connect people through networking and she has a gift for being able to develop great friendships and business relationships.